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A Poem

2013-01-27 16:05:02 by Stargenx

I've loved and lost and left behind
and lived and lividly laughed at time
I've sapped my strength, I've stolen and sinned
and searched for shadows on the wind.
If wicked wishes and wild ways
would wrest me from beneath the waves
already, naught would worry me,
-Instead I drown in misery.

-Brian Burke, 2013.

It came to me at around 3 am and kept me from sleeping.
I made a quick little song, not significant enough to post on Newgrounds that goes with it.


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2013-01-27 17:12:38

Bravo Brian, if this is what keeps you awake at night, then you have a mighty gift that I'm certain a woman out there would be greatful for you to bestow upon her. Whether this is about recent endeavors failing or that of latter days, either way, this is magnificent and I can feel a lot of emotion in it.
I believe our emotions manifest themselves as parts of our dreams or for that matter nightmares.
Might I ask if this kept you awake in an annoying way, or in a startling way, were as you had to get it out of your head or it might lead to worse thoughts...?
Just know buddy, all of us have thought similar things, but few have had words as good as these to express those thoughts.

Thanks for this,

The Doctor