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Removing Old Works

2013-04-03 15:27:25 by Stargenx

Probably going to start removing older songs in order to keep my work current. Please download while you can, if you wish.


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2013-04-03 18:30:20

That's a very foolish idea.

Stargenx responds:

How so, Eltistinen?


2013-04-03 20:45:34

Do you think those older songs are not representative of your skill level/musical taste anymore?

Anyway, now I have a Stargenx folder on my computer that has like 150 files in it. Took like an hour, and I thought I did it in the most efficient way possible.

Stargenx responds:

Wow, your organization is most likely better than mine. I appreciate the feedback and am humbled by the praise that you laud. In response to your question: Yes, I don't believe that some of my older songs reflect well on me and the music that I do now.


2013-04-03 21:12:00

I'll unfav you >: (

Stargenx responds:

Like I said earlier, I don't feel that they live up to what I can do now and possibly reflect badly on me for keeping them up.


2013-04-04 12:02:37

The worse your old work is, the better the new one will seem. It's both fun an interesting to hear progress, and always a shame when people get rid of creations they don't like even when so many others might come to appreciate it. I appreciate the heads up though, will download the files and add to my NG AP collection, but I really hope you reconsider!

Stargenx responds:

I don't know what to say! I feel that they are embarrassing, for the most part. Perhaps I'll change my mind. I'm mulling the idea over thus far.


2013-04-05 05:58:31

Just think about how other embarrassing situations turn into entertaining stories or memories over time. :) But hey, it's your work, don't let my nostalgic sentiments keep you from living a shamefree and blissful life! :P

Btw @gadogry , the fastest way to download NG audio is first disabling flash player, then opening all tracks in new tab and keeping a constant queue of downloads in the background. Without flash disabled each tab will run twice the bandwidth.


2013-04-05 07:54:27

@Cyberdevil: I thought about doing that, but what I ended up proceeding with was the following:

1. go to stargenx's audio page, copy all 150-ish links, paste on notepad.
2. go to, which is the direct link for downloading the song with audio ID XXXXXX.
3. Use mad keyboard + mouse skillz to efficiently paste the 6-digit IDs from the notepad onto the browser address bar.
4. Intersperse with checking twitter/facebook or screwing around every 5-8 downloads 'cause I paste too fast and NG/my internet can't handle if I keep pasting non-stop.

@Stargenx: I think you have enough new stuff to distract people from the old stuff -- and since your new stuff is more popular, chances are a user would get to you via a newer song.

I just started the process of listening to your old stuff -- your sounds seemed to be not as good then (e.g. some of the drums sounded kinda weak), but many of your compositions were still quite decent.


2013-04-05 11:12:51

@gadogry In step 1, did you copy the source code directly or do you have some kind of plugin/program to parse the URLs from the links? With mad keyboard + mouse skillz then who knows, maybe it's actually faster than my method. It definitely saves some bandwidth/requests in accessing the download link directly though. You'd think there would be a userscript for directly downloading all tracks from a specific user already, gotta give Xaotic a tip...


2013-04-05 12:57:52

It's not like I'm going to tear through and remove dozens of songs, I'm going to start with some of the 'worst' ones, maybe 2-3 to start and then see where it goes from there.


2013-04-05 15:49:52

That's a relief. Maybe it won't go from there. :)

Stargenx responds:

You never know!


2013-04-05 20:35:13

Well, I have all your old work here already. If they do suck I can still mock you here even if they are removed then :)


2013-07-19 08:46:11

but why