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Entry #20


2014-05-20 23:48:13 by Stargenx

Finally hit the big 100 fan mark. I can't believe it.


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2014-05-21 02:07:13

100 fans! great!


2014-05-21 10:29:44

Congratulations! Here's to many hundreds more!

And... in response to your response to my lastest response (ok, review) to your song... I'd be beyond flattered to receive an album in the mail from you, but I'm more of an MP3 guy. And I have been getting a lot of music on bandcamp, which is a pretty good platform for indie musicians. In particular, many piano albums there tend to do quite well:

So yeah, see if you're interested in opening an account there :)


2014-05-21 13:48:46

You would have many more if you did more classic jazz.


2014-05-26 04:05:13

Congrats :D


2014-10-08 09:23:50

they are very well deserved
You have done exceptional work with your piano pieces

Stargenx responds:

Thanks, duder. You're a chill-ass hombre. Big ups.